HIV Discrimination


Don’t accept it!

People with HIV still experience discrimination today, whether as patients in the health system, as customers of services, as employees or in their private lives.

We want to encourage you to stand up against discrimination and have compiled important information on the topic on this website.

It describes ways in which you can take action against discrimination yourself. Furthermore, contact persons are named who can advise and support you. In addition to important addresses, helpful brochures and links, you will find information on training courses and events organised by the German AIDS Federation for people with HIV.

Here you can anonymously report your experiences of discrimination and receive counselling if you wish.


Bei Diskriminierung hilft dir die Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes. Dort gibt es Adressen zu Beratungsstellen, die dich auch bei Diskriminierung aufgrund sexueller Orientierung oder Herkunft unterstützen


Kontaktstelle HIV-bezogene Diskriminierung

Die Kontaktstelle HIV-bezogene Diskriminierung bietet dir Hilfe und Unterstützung, wenn du aufgrund deiner HIV-Infektion diskriminiert wurdest.

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