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Contact point


Here you will find

  • information
  • counseling
  • support

on HIV-related discrimination,

for example

  • in the healthcare system
  • as customers
  • at work
  • in private life
  • or in other areas.
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HIV discrimination: We won't take it!

The HIV-related discrimination contact point would like to encourage people to take action against discrimination.

We are available to talk to, provide information on how to lodge a complaint, support you in making decisions and assist you in taking legal action. We work closely with local AIDS service organizations on request.

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Report discrimination

If you have experienced HIV-related discrimination yourself or have witnessed another person being discriminated against because of HIV, you can report it here. Your information is of course voluntary, anonymous and will be treated in strict confidence.

All cases will be evaluated to determine where action is needed.

Report a case



We will advise you free of charge and anonymously if you wish, in German and English, by phone or email.

Phone: 030/690087-67 and 030/690087-33, Tue, Thu and Fri from 9 am to 3 pm

The contact point offers anti-discrimination advice for people with HIV, sex workers, drug users, people in prison, people from regions of the world where HIV is particularly prevalent and men who have sex with men.

'With our advice, we want to lend people our ear, heart and brain. We always focus on the needs of the people seeking advice. They are the experts in their life with HIV. We lend our expertise to support people with HIV, not to accept discrimination and to take action against it.'

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Good to know!

The contact point is there for anyone who has experienced discrimination in connection with HIV, who wants to defend themselves against it or who wants to find out more about it.

Our principles are impartiality, working at eye level, empowerment and self-determined decisions.

Every report of HIV discrimination contributes to the work against discrimination.

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