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‚positive stimmen 2.0‘ has started!

The first survey on stigmatization and discrimination of People Living with HIV in Germany ‚positive stimmen‘ 2012 shed light on how and how much People Living with HIV (PLHIV) experience exclusion and discrimination in their daily lives. The results are at the basis of many projects fighting against stigmatization of PLHIV.

‚positive stimmen 2.0’ is the second version of the peer-to-peer survey. We want to enquire new and deeper knowledge on stigmatization toward People Living with HIV. We also want to compare how the experiences of stigmatization have changed within a decade. We aim at formulating recommendations of action for organisations, policy, administration and other social stakeholders and, through that, advance the fight against discrimination of People Living with HIV.

The project consists of two parts, each of them having a specific scientific methodology. The core element is the implementation of People Living with HIV (PLHIV)-Stigma-Index. According to the spirit of this international project, 33 People Living with HIV have been trained as peer-to-peer-Researchers and Interviewers and they are now conducting Interviews with PLHIV about their experiences of discrimination and stigmatization along a questionnaire. Interviewer and interviewee both benefit from the exchange. A second module of the project aims at investigating some specific, in-depth topics. For this purpose, an online survey and focus groups are being conducted.

‚positive stimmen‘ is a cooperation between Deutsche Aidshilfe and Institut für Demokratie und Zivilgesellschaft (IDZ).

You live with HIV and you want to share your experiences of discrimination within this community research project? 

You can get interviewed by one of the interviewers of the project (they are all People Living with HIV themselves). Get in touch with us and we will refer you to an interviewer living close to you!


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