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What is ‚positive stimmen 2.0‘?

‚positive stimmen 2.0‘ is a research project conducted by, with and for People Living with HIV. It is aimed at exploring how PLHIV in Germany live and especially how they are affected by discrimination and stigmatization. Based on this results, it is an important mission of the project to formulate recommandations of action to advance the fight against discrimination. To achieve those zwo goals, we conducted surveys in 2020.

The core element is the implementation of People Living with HIV (PLHIV)-Stigma-Index. According to the spirit of this international project, 33 People Living with HIV have been trained as peer-to-peer-Researchers and Interviewers and they conducted Interviews with PLHIV about their experiences of discrimination and stigmatization along a questionnaire. An important aim of this survey, besides the collection of data, was that Interviewers and interviewees experience empowerment through the exchange.

Isabel and Collins are two Peer-Interviewers. In this article, they tell about their experiences within the project.

In addition to conducting the peer interviews (Module A), the project collected data from two additional sources in a second Module (Module B) : an online survey and four focus group interviews. Linking different research methods and types of data – quantitative and qualitative – is also called a mixed method approach.

  • The online-survey focused on research questions illuminating, among other aspects, the effects of and responses to HIV-related stigmatisation and discrimination, as well as the importance of the HIV positive community to People Living with HIV. In addition, several areas that are only broadly –or not at all – covered by the standardised questionnaire used in the peer interviews, were investigated in more detail here (e.g. questions regarding the health care system that are applicable to the German context).
  • The focus group Interviews were intended to help explain, illustrate and provide depth to the statistical analyse.

What are the results?

The results are now published as a broschure. Click on the cover to download it!

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‚positive stimmen‘ is a cooperation between Deutsche Aidshilfe and Institut für Demokratie und Zivilgesellschaft (IDZ) and it was funded by the Federal Ministery of Health.